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Our Goals

Our Goals

Achieve measurable resource conservation & savings.

Reduce our company's consumption by at least 12% in the areas of solid waste, household chemicals, energy, water, fuel, & emissions.

Educate individuals about sustainability within their specific regional environment & globally.

Support individuals and businesses that practice environmentally conscious standards too.

Make our green program flexible and adaptable, so that our employees, can join & or decidedly make more conscientious, sustainable decisions.

Real Changes

Real Changes

Office supplies are carefully purchased; recycled or items made with post-consumer waste are sought out for purchase and general use.

Our green janitorial company uses only natural, toxin-free products in our offices.

Disposable items have been eliminated and replaced by reusable items; i.e. coffee cups were replaced by a "bring your own" policy.

Waste audits are periodically performed, and the way items are disposed of is carefully evaluated.